6. Kanta goibelak

Sad songs

The world was drunk and we escaped
Fucked up of listening to the same song
You told me people were exchanging monologues
And it is true

We like sad songs, don’t ask for any reason
Tomorrow you could forget me
And just in case

How is everything? How are your people?
And what do you say about the horizontal mirrors?
I accused you of smiling me almost to death
And it was true

We like sad songs, don’t ask for any reason
Tomorrow I could forget you
And just in case

To the weak light of this lamp
Hours turn long and life seems too short
The room becomes smaller and the bed huge
While the world, jealous, waits for out there

Sad songs love me, don’t ask for any reason
I’ll kill the sun if you’d be here right now
If you’d be here

2 thoughts on “6. Kanta goibelak

  1. eztot inoz halakorik entzun! zeharo arritzen nau abesti honek, aber nonoz joten dozuen kontzertu baten…

  2. milesker benetan.. bermion halako abestixa jotzearren!!!
    esperot arren rock starreko kontzertuan baita ere jotzia!!

    zuen fan amorratua lander BTX!!

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