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All the autopsies of our ideas

Have been written in other languages

All that elephant amnesia

And the ortodox spelling.

Weary eyes

From too much wearing 1-D glasses

The ears´ only use is to support them.

These are, to sum up… collateral damages.

Streets are filled with cameras,

But not so the dungeons for interrogation

New coordinates of fear

In the gutters of old Europe.

The obscure game of sillogisms

And their incredible results

Pages torn from the heavy books of law

These are, how to say it,

The collateral damages of being ourselves

The consequences of not being.

To all that dialectic of contempt: eppur si muove

To that taylor-made law: si muove

To anyone who has to step on his kin to become someone

Hear these word from the chords:

eppur si muove



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