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It came to stay

To expand on the arterial map.

Here it is again, speeding up inside my veins.

It nests in my soul and as it attacks them,

It revives the organs of my body;

I feel tickles in the eyes of the heart,

The amoeba runs in my guts

Exciting my lips, mi hips and my bones,

My sex and the tip of my fingers.

It´s the worm in my guts,

They interbreed together

It´s the lizard of sound

Here it is again, rising fever in my veins,

A shortcircuit in the system

Breathing becomes a difficult task.

Contaminated blood: there´s no possible cure

The more I give, the more it demands.

This all is killing me slowly

It´s no secret

But the feeling´s still there:

This illness is the only lie,

Mortal, beautiful and fucked,

Which makes me believe I´m still alive.

So, you please, fool me again.



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