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Craft beer ‘Do It Together’ (Moor Beer + Canton Tea Co. + Berri Txarrak) goes gold at SIBA Independent Beer Awards! Thanks Justin and the whole Moor family. We’ll celebrate soon in our upcoming UK tour in May. Osasuna, cheers!

Here’s Justin Hawke’s statement  (Moor Beer’s CEO):

“I take nothing for granted. We’ve worked incredibly hard over 11 years in very adverse conditions, with financial challenges, personal challenges, and unbelievable experiences. Yes, we’ve got walls full of awards (& grey hair) to show for it, but today we got recognition for something super special to me. Because of Berri Txarrak we got involved with Hardcore Hits Cancer. And because of their music and friendship my life (and so many others) is so much richer. Those of us in the brewery feel this beer is one of our favourites and now it is official. Thanks so much to Gorka, Galder and David for trusting us and giving us the inspiration to achieve this dream. Thanks to Canton Tea for bringing us the best. And thanks to the Moor family for never compromising. Never underestimate the power of music, people (and a little beer) to make a positive change. The time is always now. Orain! Eskerrik asko! And very soon we bring this celebration tour to the U.K…”

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