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I am a scorpion
All armour and sting
you (already) know the fable

I have a couple of innocent frogs here
I don’t know how to make distinctions
an order is an order
and I am just a number
that I will not show you

your rage is my anphetamine
to knock down that human wall
there are more than just a few of us
got sniped behind the ramparts
in defence and in the service of
our corrupt masters

I am faithful, I am loyal
hooked on violence
bash of the truncheon
quick on the draw
always a soldier

rooster, crow
unchained dog
rubber bullet
law of the gun

and even so
maybe the most cunning scorpion
is inside you
looking just like an innocent frog

who doesn’t want to know what’s on the other side of the shore
how to get rid of that restlessness when nothing is enough

how to take the right step
resisting the impulse to jump
when they have forced you to walk
barefoot on the broken glass

where to find someone who will lick your wounds
if absolutely everything has turned into salt and vinager

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