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If you’d have told me one of my most listened to bands would sing in a language I don’t understand, I’d have said you’re crazy, but it’s the truth. Something about their songs and Gorka’s singing has them on virtually permanent play. Galder and David are perhaps the most energetic and entertaining drummers and bassists I’ve ever seen. When the Descendents pick you to go on tour with them, that pretty much says it all. I’ve only seen them play in front of crowds in the thousands, screaming wildly along to every song, so seeing them in a really intimate setting is going to be a very rare treat.

My Berri Txarrak tattoo is a nod to Galder’s bass drum head with the concept that the time is always now. It’s also because of Berri Txarrak that we met and got involved with Hardcore Hits Cancer, a charity we hold really close.
The beer they wanted had to be layered, complex, interesting, yet really drinkable and refreshing. We worked on a Mango Tea Pale Ale at 5.2% with them and Canton Tea Company, the result of which ticks all those boxes.

The name takes the DIY concept we live by, removes the sometimes selfish nature, and proves that we are better off when we Do It Together.

Justin Hawke
(Moor Beer / Bristol, UK)

More info soon!!

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